Glock 42 Magazines In Stock

If you purchased a Glock 42 in the last 9 months and you wanted to get a few extra magazines you’ve probably had a bit of an issue getting your hands on them.

That’s because Glock has a supply and demand issue. The G42 was launched in January and here it is at the end of August and it’s still hard to find them in stock.

I just purchased 4 from weapon hero and they shipped out the same day. They said they’re getting 160 Glock 42 magazines in in the next week (…so if you need some Glock 42 magazines in stock you might want to check them out.

They’re also getting factory Glock 42 magazines with a built in pinky extension.


Mossberg 500 = Awesome

If you have ever looked for a nice all around shotgun then you’ve no doubt came across the Mossberg 500. There have to be at least 25 different models of this gun and then of course you can get different barrels and combinations making this gun unbelievably versatile.

Several top gun magazines have named the Mossberg 500 as the best home defense shotgun because of the great price, versatility and all the available accessories.

You can get all kinds of mossberg 500 accessories that include all kinds of barrels for home defense or shooting dear, birds or just about anything else. The Mossberg 500 has over 20 different stocks available from all kinds of manufactures that include basic wood stocks to full blown military tactical and adjustable stocks.

Checkout some of the Mossberg 500 sights you can get…there are all kinds of great options. Click here to see some

You can get tactical rails for the top and handguard like the picture below that has a full top rail and heat guard built in.

mossberg 500 Aimtech Warhammer full length rail for sale

The GSG 522 Rifle

The H&K MP5 rifle was introduced in the 1960′s and still is one of the best looking guns in the world. Unfortunately they’re very expensive and by expensive I mean $1,500 plus just for a replica.

Some of the gun manufactures noticed this lack of product in the market and decided to make their own version in the 22lr caliber so it would be much cheaper to shoot and own.

In fact, you can buy a GSG 522 for under $350 here

gsg 522 for sale

There are all kinds of accessories to go with your gsg 522 that include the super cool drum magazine and a retractable stock (click here). The top picatinny rail allows you to easily mount any kind of optics you want that ranges from a red dot, reflex sight scope or anything else you want to slap up there…there is plenty of room.

The rear stock slides off after removing one simple screw and you can slide on retractable stock or one of the M4 stocks. You can also change out the front handguard for a variety of options.

You can learn more at or

The GSG 522 Drum Mag is awesome

There is nothing like shooting a cool 22lr rifle at the range. The GSG 522 is one of the coolest rifles because it is a replica of the H&K mp5…an iconic weapon.

One of the cool things about the GSG5 and GSG 522 is that the gun has a lot of cool accessories…like the 110 round drum magazine.

Yes, 110 rounds of 22lr! Click here to see more pictures.

You can also get a 22 round GSG 522 magazine in a two pack >

Checkout the video below of the drum.

ISSC MK22 is a very cool .22LR


issc mk22 for sale issc mk22 magazine for sale

Most people that play first person shooter video games know about the scar rifle. Here it is in a cheap to shoot .22LR version!

More soon…


Ruger American Rimfire .22LR – 22 Mag – 2013

ruger american rimfire 22

Savage has been owning the inexpensive bolt action .22Lr market for years. Unfortunately for Savage, Ruger has just released their version and it’s awesome.

That’s right, we’re talking about the Ruger American Rimfire .22LR bolt action rifle. It also comes chambered in the beefy .22 Magnum round if you prefer.

Lets jump right into why this not just another cheap .22LR bolt action rifle.

It comes with the Ruger marksmanship trigger. This trigger is the best trigger Ruger makes for their rifles. It’s fully adjustable  from around 3-6 pounds of pull strength. Some guys on youtube tested the pull and it was hitting 2.8 pounds out of the box. So finally a great trigger from day one and no need to get an aftermarket trigger.

Ruger American Rimfire trigger


Next up is the fact that while the Ruger American Rimfire is a bolt action, it takes the standard Ruger 10/22 magazines! There are lots of 10/22 magazines that will fit perfectly in this gun. Two of the best are the 10 round BX-1 rotary magazine and the BX-25 banana magazine.the 10 round fits flush with the stock of the gun and has a wonderful track record of fit and successful feeds.

Ruger American Rimfire .22 LR

You can get the Ruger American Rimfire with two barrel lengths that are the full size 22″ or the compact 18″.

The front sight is a high visibility fiber optic site and the rear sight can fold down if it gets in the way of your optics.

Ruger American 22 LR


Glock World

Have you ever wondered what magazines fit in what Glock model? It can be quite confusing to an average user because none of the Glock model numbers seem to make any sense or fit any kind of pattern.

There are four 9mm Glock models available and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for the numbering. For example the following are all the Glock 9mm models available….G17, G19, G26 and the G34. As the numbers get higher the gun form factor gets smaller. The G17 is the full size Glock 9mm, then the G19 is the compact and the G26 is the subcompact. Well then what is the G34? …it’s the competition model silly ;)

I also threw in the Glock magazine capacity compatibility chart to help you buy your next Glock 17 magazine or whatever your current glock model is.

Get your Glock Magazines at Weapon Hero.

glock models